O. Ingstrup about Liza Krügermeier

News, 01.12.2018

Liza Krügermeier is a highly talented and already remarkable painter whose style could be called neo-impressionistic. She is rightly acknowledged both in Denmark and increasingly abroad where she has worked and exhibited her works.

It is tempting to compare Liza Krügermeier with the Danish painter Anna Ancher: apart from being female artists with a strong sense of beauty and aesthetics, they also hold in common motifs that are close up, almost tangible. It seems less important what they are painting, compared to the way they handle and process the motif. It is the play with and the understanding of the colour that counts and the depiction of the interaction between light and shadow which is the consistent theme in their works.

Poul Henningsen taught us about the shadow’s importance when choosing lighting. Anna Ancher taught us about light and shadow in perfect harmony and Liza is showing us the beauty and the drama in the contrast between light and shadow.

In addition to this come the quirkiness and the humour in Liza Krügermeier’s paintings which make them a wonderful source of surprise and discovery: you will find a frog on the sofa or on the table with the crooked perspective. Or a crane looking quite at home walking around a room interior.

Take a walk in her universe, but tread carefully. You never know whether the floor is even or if you will meet all kinds of creatures!! You will never search in vain in Liza Krügermeier’s paintings, and you can’t avoid smiling in the process!!!

O. Ingstrup, Galleri Finnole, Axeltorv, Næstved

Liza Krügermeier
Liza Krügermeier-Dress the Bird 140 x 100 cm.

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