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Susie Hodge about Liza Krügermeier

News, 29.08.2018


“The story of Liza Krügermeier’s paintings is one of colour, positivity and passion; her passion for painting and for the world around her. You can see this in every one of her expressive works of art, whether it’s a vase of flowers, a candlestick, the corner of a room or a sunny window sill. All her paintings brim with colour, conveying what she feels about the world around her; a thoughtful mix of spontaneity, vivid imagination and quiet consideration. Simultaneously recording appearance and meaning, her paintings range from intimate to playful, carefree to dramatic, conveying both appearances and underlying meanings, and while they are all unique, some comparisons can be drawn. For instance, elements of Paul Gauguin’s Cloisonnist style can be seen in some of the vividly contrasting colours applied with flat brushmarks and outlined with darker lines resembling colourful enamel work or stained glass windows. Elsewhere, her contrasting patterns and colours recall elements of Henri Matisse’s paintings.

Liza grew up in the small village of Marup in Denmark and in her grown-up life she became especially inspired by her surroundings when she was living on the Greek island of Leros. She began painting, developing her vibrant palette and harmonious compositions. Her constant explorations into ways of communicating her feelings about the world through art emerge with particular clarity in this stunning book that charts a range of the art Liza has produced over the past few years. The book is a rare treat; a peep into Liza’s sunlit world where her memories are palpable. Nothing – and everything – is as it seems. Liza paints different moods, different expressions and different lights, all personal to her – and we are invited to share her observations, dreams and reminiscences. All the works in this book have been selected and organised by the artist herself, and each presents a fragment of the world in brilliant colour, such as glimpses through the house where she grew up, or where another artist lives; light slanting through a window; long, fingerlike shadows and rays of light fractured and fragmented through glass vases; a shimmering vase of flowers with petals that are about to fall – reminding us all how quickly time passes.”

Susie Hodge
MA History of Art. Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

UK Commentator and Author who has written over 100 books on art, art history, history and artistic techniques.